Design and Organisation





TDC’s designs, both digital and print, have consistently captured the essence of each production. From marketing materials to event collateral and show programmes, TDC’s work is always of the highest calibre. Beyond design, his development of our brand has been pivotal in establishing our presence in the theatre world.

Samantha Paterson

Theatre Producer

The graphic designs TDC crafted for our business cards, flyers, and shop front collateral are nothing short of outstanding. TDC’s expertise didn’t stop at visuals; they streamlined our business software and systems with innovative process designs and even played a pivotal role in penning our business plan.

Jesse Lander

Company Director

I am a person who lives with low vision. Sometimes it can become difficult to stay organised. TDC was able to help me turn this around by discussing my storage systems and principles with me, explaining and correcting app usage, and even [establishing] some business practices like methods of invoicing.

Geoffrey Cooper

Support Coordinator